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Theacrine is an alternative to caffeine. Excellent alternative for anyone who is desensitized to caffeine, but still wants the positive effects.

Benefits of Theacrine

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Theacrine is a purine alkaloid found in cupuacu fruit and kucha plant. It possesses a similar structure to caffeine and science has suggested that it activates similar signaling pathways. It acts differently than caffeine because it has a longer half-life, no effect on blood pressure, reduced tolerance, and less likely to disrupt sleep!

In addition theacrine prevents dopamine from being reabsorbed after being released into the brain. Higher levels of dopamine mean increased energy, focus, and motivation.

Theacrine also has synergistic effects with caffeine by enhancing and extending the effects so you can use less caffeine. Our theacrine is extracted to provide the purest form of the naturally occurring chemical.


Caffeine alternative

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