Personal stacks

Our Mission

Life happens differently for us all. Your lifestyle and habits are different from those of your peers and that’s okay. The problem is that current supplements are universally dosed. This is flawed since our diet, height, weight, lifestyles, and dietary preferences differ in so many ways. You are unique and your nutrition needs are no different.

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all supplements. Each customer requires different ingredients and serving sizes to serve their specific goals. At PersonalStacks, we use research and technology to create personalized supplements that fit you. Join us on our mission to reshape the the supplement industry.

We are excited to begin this new journey with you.


Our core values are based on empathy. Understanding our customers’ needs and interests is the most important thing we can do to foster a quality product.


We don’t believe in proprietary blends. We provide information on every single ingredient we administer because we have nothing to hide.

Data & Research

Everything we do is backed by data and research from reputable sources. We stay up to date with new publications and studies.


Achieving personal health is more than just supplementation. We provide personal consultation every step of the way.

As low as $1.50/serving. Take the quiz