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Tailored protein and pre-workout supplements.

Benefits of PersonalStacks

Customized ingredients

Different activities and lifestyle require different nutrients — no matter what you’re about, we got you covered. Your personalized supplement stack contains only the ingredients you need to perform better and recover faster.

Fuel your body

We use a combination of plant-based superfoods and amino acids to help you steer clear of nutritional deficiencies. We work with you each month to make adjustments where needed.

Convenience leads to consistency

Your supplement stack is broken down into single-serving packets. Simply mix your daily stack with water or blend it into your favorite smoothie. One serving per day is all it takes to hit your macros.

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As low as $1.50/serving

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Tyler's protein stack

Meet Tyler.

Tyler weight trains daily and hikes on the weekend. His goal is to build muscle. He trains after getting off work everyday.

Tyler's pre-workout stack - blend composition

Tyler's protein stack

Meet Brittany.

Brittany weight trains and does hot yoga. Her goal is to build muscle. She's vegan and lactose intolerant.

Brittany's protein stack - blend composition

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